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BCCHF Chinese Community Spotlight

「我是受我已故母親的慷慨和無私的精神所啟發。當我和Emily成立 Viva Pharmaceuticals時,我們知道回饋社會將是我們公司價值觀的核心之一。我們遺留世上的是我們這生所做的善事及受惠於我們捐贈的人。我希望我們的家人和員工會追隨我們的榜樣,因為一個更健康的社會是一個更美好的社會。」
Viva Pharmaceuticals 有一個目標—就是使人們健康。作為今年天下父母心籌款晚宴的贊助商,Viva Pharmaceuticals致力於通過確保孩子能夠使用所需的心肺機和呼吸機來實現這目標。

December 23, 2016, Richmond Media Lab Program Report

Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. is proud to sponsor additional programs and services to youth in Richmond, BC. Our donation of $15,000 has led to many programs such as digital arts, professional speakers, and various other services to youth in Richmond.



December 20, 2016, Congratulations to the VGH Thoracic Surgery Team!

Congratulations to Dr. John Yee and the VGH Thoracic Surgery Team on receiving the $2 million grant from the Terry Fox Research Institute to expand your lung cancer screening program! Our founders, Jason and Emily Ko, are proud to be able to support the $1.2 million needed for initializing the program at the Vancouver General Hospital.










December 1, 2016, Successful Filming of Another Episode of Our City Tonight!

Thank you to Dr. Graham Foster of West Vancouver Optometry Clinic for the in-depth explanation on how one can prevent macular degeneration and cataracts! The always professional Leeta did a wonderful job as well. Also, a special thanks to Jim, co-host of Our City tonight, Florence (the producer), Dave (the cameraman), and our marketing lead, Jack (pictured), for all your hard work in putting this together!


November 30, 2016, Nature’s Fare Won a Trip to Cancun!

We had a random draw of the retailers we are working with, and CONGRATULATIONS to Nature’s Fare Markets for winning a VACATION to Cancun!! Enjoy the sun and beach!~

Massive thank you to the beautiful Langley store manager, Kathleen, and our amazing iLevel Management rep Heidi for this photo op! Our marketing lead, Jack, enjoyed the visit too!


November 19, 2016, LIVERight Gala 2016

Thank you for the Canadian Liver Foundation for hosting such an amazing and successful evening! Viva is a proud sponsor of such an amazing cause. We had a wonderful time!

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October 26th, 2016, Purity Life VIP Event

It is great to see so many familiar faces at Purity Life VIP 2016. Viva Nutraceuticals is proud to be one of the recognized members in helping Canadians to work towards our healthy future.


September 30, 2016, Viva wishes to demonstrate its support of the University of British Columbia by donating $200,000 to the Department of Urologic Sciences

Overseen and administered by Dr. Larry Goldenberg, Department of Urologic Sciences has launched many educational programs and conducted many detailed research on Urologic health. Dr, Larry Goldenberg has an international reputation in prostate cancer research and treatment. His value for the general health corresponds with what we care the most at Viva.


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