Research & Development

Tomorrow is the future but the planning starts today.

The Research and Development Department (R&D) accepts a broad set of responsibilities – including the scientific aspects of new product design / formulation optimization and inventions leading to new intellectual properties.  R&D’s objectives are closely aligned to customer’s and marketing requirements.  All of the scientists and formulators are working to ensure every product produced is safe and efficacy.

Additionally, R&D focuses on identifying and developing compounds to treat diseases.  Collaborations have been with universities, such as local UBC, hospitals, research institutes, and industry members from around world.  Several innovations have been granted US patents, along with a Canadian patent and a Chinese patent.  There are several more innovations being worked, as well as patents applications that are being reviewed by authorities in the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

The scientists working in R&D at Viva have a breadth of knowledge in medical, nutritional, formulation, cosmetics and related health sciences.  All members of the R&D team are university educated with multiple degrees, most holding PhD degrees, and several are internationally recognized subject matter experts.  We also consult with scientists and professors at universities, research institutes and hospitals.  Collectively, this approach has aided Viva in a number of successful projects, patents, and our positioning as an industry leader.