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United States Patent No.: US 9,186,385 B2

Plant Extract Compositions for Prevention and Treatment of Influenza

US Patent US 9,186,385 B2. A composition for affecting one or more of influenza, inflammation, and immune system function, said composition comprising an extract prepared from Radix isatidis and an extract prepared from Flos Lonicerae. In alternative embodiments, the composition further comprises one or more of an extract prepared from Poria cocos(Schw.) Wolf and an extract prepared from Herba houttuyniae. Method for treating one or more of influenza, inflammation by administering a patient a therapeutically effective amount of the above composition.


United States Patent No.: US 7,341,708 B1

Water Soluble Amino Chelates Minerals

US Patent 7,341,708, Methods for Producing Pure Amino Acid Chelate Complex, and Uses Thereof.  Viva patented amino acids chelates are pure amino acid chelates without any interfering ions, significantly high bioavailability and mineral absorption, freely dissolve in water, and taste-free.  Animal model study exhibits significantly enhance immune system in mice.


United States Patent No.: US 7,662,406 B1

Chewable Softgels

US Patent 7,662,406, Chewable softgels.  Softgels made by this invention exhibit a soft, pleasant chewing texture, medicinal ingredients are rapidly released in the oral cavity, thereafter increasing their absorption.  The patented chewable softgels provide a great medicine form to children and the elderly, both of whom are often experience difficulty in swallowing and ingesting medicines in solid forms, such as tablets, pills, and capsules.


United States Patent No.: US 7,968,128 B2

Plant Extract Compositions for Affecting Sleep

Animal model test exhibits the herbal composition from this invention significantly improves sleeping disorder and insomnia over the over-counter drugs with no side effects, no addiction, as well as no drug interaction.

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-China (Patent Cert. No.: 1591646)

-Hong Kong (Patent Cert. No.: HK1161546)

-Macau (Registration No.: J/001709, Patent Cert. No.: ZL200980153732.1)



United States Patent No: US 9,062,086

N-acetyl L-Cysteine Chelates and Methods for Making and Using the same.

N-acetyl L-cysteine can cross brain barrier, with mineral chelated NAC can enhance mineral absorption, also can be as a therapeutic agent against several neurodegenerative diseases, detoxification of harmful metabolites of certain drugs such  as acetaminophen.