Viva Pharmaceutical takes part in the 25th Annual For Children We Care gala and Contributed $125000 / May 29, 2022

For Children We Care Gala – BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (





Thank you for helping us map a brighter future for kids in BC, and across the globe.

As we reflect back on the incredible evening we shared together at the 25th Annual For Children We Care Gala, we continue to be inspired by the friendship and generosity of our guests, sponsors, the Committee and volunteers. Thanks to you, we raised more than $6 million to expand and accelerate clinical research that will break through current boundaries in pediatric orthopedic care around the world.

This milestone celebrated the unstoppable commitment and generosity of the entire gala community, which has continued to shine during the pandemic. It was truly a night to remember, and I am pleased to share this short video to remind us of the special evening we shared together.

Thank you for making the 25th Annual For Children We Care Gala a record-breaking and inspirational celebration.

For 25 years, the Chinese-Canadian community has risen up to support children’s health care in BC. This year, your record-breaking generosity will help expand a robust orthopedic research program around the world that will guide the optimal treatments for children still facing challenging orthopedic conditions.

Please visit our FCWC Flickr page for more memorable moments from the 25th Annual For Children We Care Gala.

With gratitude,

Malcolm Berry
President and CEO
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation


Darrell Jones
Chair, Board of Directors
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation



当我们回顾第 25 届「天下父母心」慈善晚宴, 和与您一同分享的点滴回忆时,我们依然会被各位嘉宾、赞助商、筹委会成员和义工的友谊和慷慨所启发。 感谢您,我们成功筹集了超过 600 万加元的善款,用作扩展及加速儿童骨科医疗的临床研究,突破全球儿童骨科护理的当前界限。


感谢您让第 25 届「天下父母心」慈善晚宴成为一个屡破纪录以及鼓舞人心的庆典。


重温 25 届「天下父母心」慈善晚宴的精彩盛况,请浏览晚宴的Flickr相册




Darrell Jones



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