facilities2Viva Pharmaceutical’s 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility is one of the largest of its kind in British Columbia. Since 1994, Viva has specialized in state-of-the-art pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing.

Today, the company not only provides traditional tablet and hard capsule manufacturing, but also uses softgel encapsulation technology to created dosed medicines that have been formulated as liquids, pastes or suspensions. facilities1The company’s advanced drug formulation technology has been combined with the latest in engineering techniques for manufacturing (quality-by-design).


Viva manufactures over-the-counter (OTC), generic, ethical products to meet a wide variety of needs. The company also tests and manufactures its own products and provides support for clinical trials.


Viva provides a vast array of herbal medicines, vitamin-mineral supports, food supplements and aims to meet the broadest possible range of organic and dietary preferences for the companies which provide Viva products to consumersfacilities3


With Viva’s expertise, softgel products may be easily manufactured to any size, shape, or color to match the customers’ requirements. With highly trained operators, we provide an outstanding capability at every level of the manufacturing process: formulation, encapsulation, inspection and finished product testing. Currently there are five “jumbo” encapsulation machines and corporate planning is underway for the doubling of capacity by about 2010.


In manufacturing tablets and hard capsules, Viva provides the most advanced equipment in powder and granule processing – which results in the highest quality products being made available for sale. Superior coating systems at Viva allow for film or enteric coatings of tablets – of any color. Currently, Viva has seven tablet machines and four hard shell encapsulation machines.


In manufacturing liquids and creams, Viva uses the most advanced equipment for filtering and/or vacuum emulsifying.


Viva’s current equipment includes one full-automated packaging/labeling line for bottles of various sizes, one semi-automated packaging/labeling line for bottles of various sizes – as well as equipment for blister, pouch, box packaging and shrink-wrap services.


Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that have set shelf criteria need to be assessed using stability testing. Both real-time and accelerated stability testing can be completed on-site at Viva’s facility.