Letter from the President

President & CEO

We are excited to have you visit our website. Viva is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products with an on-going commitment to research and development and a strong desire to make an important contributions to our exciting industry.

We are committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. We believe in our employees. We respect their abilities, their knowledge and appreciate their dedication and professionalism. We also recognize the critical importance of teamwork in achieving corporate goals. Viva’s success in solving the customer’s needs is a reflection of our success in working as a unified team.

Every day we have to earn the trust and respect of our customers. The decision to choose our products and services is the customer’s choice. Viva will work hard at establishing and enhancing both future and current customer relationships.

radioisotopeSales & Marketing Team

Viva Pharmaceutical is proud to present one of the most professional and experienced sales and marketing teams in the industry.

Viva clients benefit from a wealth of knowledge and guidance that includes product licensing, marketing and brand recognition strategies, and even issues related to industry trade shows and promotional activities.

Our Team has experience in both national and international market places and can provide complete and comprehensive assistance in almost any product or market development situation.