Licencing Info

Health Canada – Pharmaceutical Drugs

Viva holds a valid Establishment Licence (No.: 100246-A | Click here to view licencefor the purposes of fabricating, packaging/labeling, testing, and distributing.

Health Canada – Natural Health Products

Viva holds a valid Site Licence (No.: 300001 | Click here to view licencefor the purposes of manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and importing.

US Food and Drug Administration

The last on-site audit conducted by the US FDA of Viva’s Canadian facility was in October 2015.  On February 24, 2016, an official letter was received from the US government indicating that Viva’s facility was being classified as acceptable (FEI: 3002704547 | Click here to view letter).


Viva Pharmaceutical lnc. is certified as a Halal facility and conforms to Halal standards for production of specific products. A complete list of Halal certified products can be obtained only through Viva Pharmaceutical lnc (No: HM760-16 | Click here to view certificate).